New Year New Beginnings at Free State in Lawrence Kansas!


It’s that time of year again when here in Lawrence, KS we see the significant uptick of motorists on the roadways. The students are back in town again, eagerly pursuing higher education while us locals are forced to deal with longer drive times on the road. And if you didn’t know already, be aware of those one-way roads like Tennessee and Kentucky. New students have been known to be going down the wrong way! So, as always, stay safe and watch the road! (i.e., DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE!!!)

Another aspect of this beautiful Kansas prairie is the weather. As residents, we know what to expect. However, for students and visitors, please exercise extreme caution. I saw this meme the other day when we had rain one day and freezing temperatures the next. “Today is a full-coverage day, so you liability policy holders need to say home!” Although the meme was aimed to be humorous, the implications are rather serious. In the event of an accident, liability policies only cover the other person, while having comprehensive and collision on your policy can greatly mitigate the financial burden for getting back on the road in the event of a loss. However, it is more expensive than the Kansas State minimum. If you have a question about this or would like to have a conversation, to hesitate to reach out to us.

Speaking of premiums on policies and related affordability, according to Insurance Information Institute, as of 2016, Kansas ranks 39 in Average Expenditures for Auto Insurance By State, 2012-2016. As current and more accurate information continues to be published, we can see that over all Kansas is a pretty affordable state over all, but there are some other questions we could ask about this data. For instance, how do these numbers hold in relation to population density per state, average driver metrics, and other data points? There is a lot of data that is collected in insurance, but perhaps one of the most poignant points from an insured’s perspective is price; how much am I going to pay? Again, according to, the motor vehicle insurance index has risen 7.4%. Although this is nationally, has your premium risen? Do you know why? Call or email us and we’ll find out specifically if you don’t already know.

A couple other points I wanted to follow up on to bring to your awareness is renters’ insurance, one. And, second, the current socio-political conflict between Iran and the United States. Renters insurance is affordable and covers your stuff in the event of a loss. If you’re living in an apartment complex, most landlords require it. But if they don’t, what you need to remember is you are living amongst people who you can in no way be responsible for. If another person in your complex decides to leave a lit candle unattended and said candle catches the building on fire; you out. We recently had an insured go though this harrowing experience and was devastated. Look around at you stuff. If you take proper account, not EVERYTHING can be replaced with a trip to Walmart. Think carefully about what is replaceable and what isn’t. Make a list and ask if you have questions.

Lastly, what does Iran and the US conflict/misunderstanding/fiasco or whatever you want to call it have to do with insurance? Well, according to, as the 82nd Airborne Division were alerted for a “short-notice deployment” to the middle east, sons and daughters are sent to serve. It is not uncommon that children stay on their parent’s policy until they leave the home. And if you son or daughter is called to service AND on your policy, there is a way you may be able to save while you deal with their deployment. In some cases, we can endorse the policy to make you child “listed only – does not drive out of country”. When applied, this will result in a lower premium or if paid in full, will result in a disbursement from the insurance carrier itself. Of course, we our thoughts and prayers are for their safe return and in so doing, we can simply re-add them to the policy without doing a rewrite.

Thank you very much for choosing Free State Insurance Agency located at 917 Iowa in Lawrence, Kansas where we represent multiple insurance carriers that span into every market. As an independent agency this allows us to find the right product, the right fit, for the right person no matter what phase of life you are in, even if life has thrown a curve ball.

Thank you and God bless!